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Misr Pharmacies is a chain of several successful pharmacies with the aim of providing the best services to all its customers. The pharmacies offer a one-of-kind retail experience that is sure to cover your needs and more, in an outstanding quality of service.

As well as offering both imported and locally produced medicines, we offer a wide range of beauty products and skin care products to cover all of your pharmaceutical needs.

Our staff is qualified to help you with everything you need, from prescribing a fitting medicine to cure your symptoms and picking out the right product you need to helping you choose the best product for your skin.


Women and Baby Care

In this section, we will take care of our expecting mothers. Pregnant women will find all their needs throughout pregnancy and after the delivery of their babies. We offer a wide range of baby products and value added products in the best quality available in the market to satisfy your needs. 


Consumer and Health Related Products

We at Misr Pharmacies offer a wide range of products under one roof, such as beauty, hair, skin, fitness, alternative health and so forth. You will always find what you need at a competitive price. If you can’t find what you need, we would gladly listen to your recommendation of new products to insure their availability during your next visit.


Return and Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the product that you have purchased, we are happy to inform you that we work under the law of consumer protection and you can exchange your product within 7 days and refund within 3days, with the condition that it is within its original packing.  Please note that we can’t exchange or refund any products that are related to health care. This is to protect your heath, as some of these products require special handling conditions such as temperature controlled items.


Door to Door Delivery

Our Delivery team is willing to help you 24 hours, 7 days a week, just pick up the phone and call us and we will deliver right to your doorstep.


Consultation “Ask Dr Naseh”

We have created a special team of medical and beauty advisors that are ready to help you around the clock. Ask for an assistant and our staff will answer all your inquiries over the phone or on our social media. If we can’t give you the medical advice that you need due to legal restrictions, we will be sure to refer you to a professional physicist to help you.


Business to Business

Misr pharmacies’ services also support you as an employer so that you can provide full provide medical benefits to your employees either through a direct arrangement or through an established insurance company. We have established agreements with most insurance companies and provide excellent customer care to support your employees. 

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